At Carlton Academy of Early Learning our curriculum is focused on holistic development and as such attends to the social, emotional, physical, language and intellectual development of each child. When planning the curriculum, we keep in mind that effective learning usually occurs over time with repetition as children practice and master new skills, concepts and techniques. Educators plan for children to have repeated opportunities to use materials and resources, to engage in new ideas and knowledge. This type of learning allows for a richer and deeper learning for each child.

Our educational programs follow the National Curriculum and are specifically developed and tailored to cater for each age group. We maintain strong partnership with families to ensure continuity in what we are delivering and to offer each child the best possible early learning opportunities. Our School Readiness and Transition to School programs are designed to provide your child with the foundation, ready to transition to the more structured and independent school environment.

(2–3 YEARS)

Our toddler environment has routines that encourage confidence, imagination, communication, as well as try new things, make choices, be kind to each other and develop their own sense of identity. Our educational program and curriculum in this room focuses on children to engage in both individual and collaborative pursuit. This encourages the children to make choices and decisions and to increase their cooperative skills whilst working on their collaborative skills. Our Educators also provide the opportunity for the children to choose the environment in which they would like to explore, investigate and engage in.

(3–5 YEARS)

Our preschool environment focuses on a holistic approach of learning through play. The educational program and curriculum aims to develop each child’s social and emotional skills along with other skills for thinking, problem solving, independence and investigating. This allows children to make reasonable choices, allowing them to assert independence in a safe and nurturing environment. Through critical reflections and open ended discussions, the children develop the learning and educational program along with their educators as they become co-constructors.


Carlton Academy of Early Learning school readiness and Transition to School programs are designed to provide your child a foundation, ready to transition to the more structured and independent school environment. Like pre-schools, Carlton Academy of Early Learning follows the same mandatory Early Years Learning Framework curriculum with qualified Early Childhood educators. Our School Readiness Program is focused around the Learning Outcomes defined in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which describes the principles, practices, and outcomes that support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to 5 years of age, as well as their transition to school.
Our program focuses on children’s social, emotional, intellectual and language development to ensure each child has the skills to become active and a confident learner as they move into primary school. We strongly value the relationship between educators, children and families and we work to include the families in the learning process by offering information evenings and regular opportunities for parent/educator consultations.